Pro Life – Pro Family – Pro 2nd Amendment – Pro Education for Students and Teachers

Pro Agriculture – Pro Business – Pro Military and Veterans – Pro Accessible Healthcare


James Fuser is a committed Christian who will be a strong voice for Oklahoma families at the State Capitol. James believes government should strengthen families, not replace them. Today, more than ever, traditional marriage and the family are under assault. James believes our laws should reflect what makes our state and nation great: faith in God, hard work, service to others, and limited government. With passion and unwavering conviction, James will fight to protect the life of the unborn and to defend our religious freedoms.


James Fuser is a strong defender of the right of every law-abiding citizen to own and use firearms. James believes the right to use guns for sport or protection is part of our heritage. He will fight to preserve our constitutionally guaranteed Second Amendment rights.


James Fuser has an uncompromising commitment to support and improve public education. A product of Afton Public Schools, as are his three children, James now has eight grandchildren. He understands the issues and challenges facing parents with school-age children. This gives James a unique understanding of the problems facing our rural schools. He strongly believes in the highest quality education for our children. James believes state government controls too much of what is being taught in the classroom. The solution is more local control. The future of our children and grandchildren is a priority. As State Senator, James will work to empower parents, not government, to make Oklahoma the greatest state in the nation to live, work, and raise a family.


James Fuser is a third-generation farmer and rancher who knows the trials and tribulations of agriculture for Oklahoma families working in the industry. James will work tirelessly to strengthen and diversify our agricultural base as well as help educate the community about how agriculture benefits those in the area, regardless of their part in agriculture. He is committed to opening and expanding all markets for Oklahoma’s farm and ranch products and finding new avenues to better compete in the international marketplace. Through his years of involvement with the Oklahoma Farm Bureau, Oklahoma Soybean Association, and other ag-related groups, James has the background to be an effective voice on agricultural issues and concerns.


James Fuser is a small business owner who recognizes what needs to be done by the state to continue creating jobs and protecting our local economies. Most importantly, James knows that government does not create jobs, the hard-working people of Oklahoma do. As State Senator, he will work hard to remove bureaucratic regulations and to hold the line on taxes for employers so they can afford to hire more local workers.


James Fuser staunchly believes in our private property rights. As State Senator, James will oppose any policy that removes control of our water, mineral, or property rights, and transfers those rights to the state government. James will fight to stop the EPA from abusing their regulatory power. He will protect District 1 property owners’ rights from intrusive acts such as the Endangered Species Act to take land from property owners.


James Fuser knows that active duty armed service members deserve our support and respect. With family members who have served in uniform, James is a strong advocate for veterans causes. James will champion efforts to ensure our veterans receive quality services and healthcare, second to none. He also recognizes the tremendous sacrifices made by those serving in the military and their families.


James Fuser is dedicated to maintaining strong working relationships with rural physicians and hospitals to make certain they can continue to provide access to local healthcare. Keeping our rural hospitals open to ensure care close to home is vital to the quality of life for all Oklahomans.

James believes the current health care system is burdened with regulations which have increased health care costs and caused health insurance to skyrocket. As State Senator, James will work to eliminate unnecessary, expensive mandates.


James Fuser is 100% supportive of all healthcare workers on the frontlines of battling the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Oklahoma doctors, nurses, technicians, transporters, EMTs, pharmacists, and everyone who supports patient care have demonstrated the Oklahoma Standard once again. 


James Fuser supports legislation funding long overdue infrastructure maintenance and replacement of the state’s highways and bridges. Fully funding the Oklahoma Department of Transportation 8-Year Construction Plan and the rural CIRB Fund are essential for District 1 to be competitive in the future. James will be a strong voice to make both a reality.

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James will represent Senate District 1's values and beliefs in the State Senate. We need James to help get Oklahoma moving in the right direction!

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